A strategy puzzle-RPG game with exploration and resource management from expeditions of a scientific team in new ecosystems! CurioLab gives the player the control of adventurers scientists right before the scientific method being the standard. These adventurers are antropmorfic and each of them with their own knowldge and skills. The goal is to advance with CurioLab's world tecnology with crafting system and guild/store system too.


Startup Rio

We got to start this project from paper scratch with some help from our government.

Development - ⚗️CurioLab

Add some storytelling here. Not the scenario of your game, but rather some backgrounds behind the creation process: why are you making this game? Most projects starts with a cool story.


  • Be a scientist and explore the unknown with your adventurers' team!


There are currently no trailers available for CurioLab. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Sahara Penguins

An Indie Game Development studio called Sahara Penguins Studio. We’ve developed many small games since 2011 and we are quite proud as we can see our improvement. Recently we going for authorial games.
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